AJAX Cart Plugin for SellerDeck -
All good & working-! Please add me to your newsletter list for any future actinic plugins!
AJAX Cart Plugin for SellerDeck -
Thanks for your help Malcolm. Iím pleased with the finished result. All thatís left I think is some colour tweaking which is by no means a priority at the moment.
AJAX Cart Plugin for SellerDeck -
Nice work Ė very good. Feel free to use satellite.ie as a reference site once it goes live.
Route Optimiser Plugin for SellerDeck -
First of all I need to say a big thank you for the work you've done.We are really happy with the system as a whole and even after such a short space of time it seems hard to imagine how we managed without it. If you have customers asking for a reference in the future then I would be more than happy to oblige.
Adrian at Jade Technology
AJAX Cart -
This is a life saver for me and has undoubtedly save me thousands of pounds in lost sales where the customer would simply give up.
Jason at Bagzone Ltd.